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Friday, December 16, 2011


It's decided. I have the beginnings of a plot for a romance novel. My first one. I'm excited! Sarah will be a different type of character than Anna Kayce in To Tell the Truth. I need to work up a profile and history on her, but I have an idea what she looks like. Her lover will be an Italian man who is in the Mafia. I still have to decide on a name for him, but I have an idea what he looks like. Al Pacino? Hmmm...a little like him. Their story? Still working that out. I do have an idea for the ending, which will help me know how to direct my story.

This story and the characters will take some research, and that can take some time. So in the meantime I have The Bible Murders to complete, which I'm hoping to be able to get my illustrator busy on a book cover for it. Stay tune as I will mention my progress with this romance in this blog.

Faye M. Tollison
Author of: To Tell the Truth
Upcoming books: The Bible Murders
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