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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Where There's A Will

C. Hope Clark was the speaker at the Greenville Chapter of Sisters in Crime this past Thursday, April 4, 2012. Originally from Mississippi, she has quite an impressive background. Writing her first novel, she faced rejection after rejection. So she put her book in a drawer and reconsidered what she could do which would involve writing.

Mrs. Clark started a newsletter service, which reaches almost 45.000 writers. This site,, was recognized by Writer's Digest magazine in its annual list of 101 Best Web Sites for Writers for the last 12 years. She has been published in The Writer magazine, Writer's Digest, Chicken Soup as well as many trade and online publications. She is a member of SC Writers Workshop Association, Sisters in Crime, and MENSA.

She gave a very inspiring talk to our local chapter of Sisters in Crime, holding her audience spellbound. I think she should add inspiration speaker to her vast resume.

Low Country Bribe is her first mystery novel and is the first in her Carolina Slade Mystery Series. Her writing is as impressive as her speech. I foresee this lovely lady to be a big success with her book. I just do not see how she could be anything but.

Faye M. Tollsiln
Author of: To Tell the Truth
Upcoming books: The Bible Murders
                            Sarah's Secret 
Member of: Sisters in Crime
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